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Welcome to my website, hosted at the Authors Guild.


For the past half century I have pursued two careers simultaneously, including writing 25 books on a variety of subjects.



If you are interested in my work in Education and Psychology, including my curriculum vita and books on Values and Character Education, Humanistic Education, Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy, and other professional subjects, go to the Education-Psychology page of the website.




If you are interested in my work in Historic Preservation and Conservation, including my curriculum vita and books on Adirondack history and historic preservation and a slide show of Adirondack historic places I have helped preserve, go to the Historic Preservation page of the website.


For other books and works that don't fit into either of the categories above, including my new memoir, go to the Other Books page of the website. 


Best wishes,

Howie Kirschenbaum