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Books still in print are listed first, followed by books no longer in print but available from the author, followed by books no longer in print and not available from the author but possibly available as used copies on the Internet.



Wad-Ja-Get? The Grading Game in American Education: 50th Anniversary Edition (Michigan Publishing, 2020; Hart Publishing, 1971).  With Sidney Simon and Rodney Napier and new introduction by Barry Fishman.  A novel approach, literally and figuratively, to exploring the pros and cons, research, and alternatives to traditional grading in schools. The book that fueled a multi-year period of grading reform in American education.   


New paperback edition available from Maize Books/Univ. of Michigan Publishing, free downloadable edition from CC-BY-SA-4.0,  and  read online edition from Hatha Press--all expected in November 2020.  More information will be posted as publication date nears.







Values Clarification in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Practical Strategies for Individual and Group Settings. (Oxford University Press, 2013).  Also German edition.  Whatever one's counseling or therapy approach, Values Clarification can enhance it by helping clients set goals, explore alternatives and take action to clarify and realize their  values. This practical book is filled with case studies, individual and group methods, theory, and applications of the Values Clarification approach to working with clients on recovery, careers, work, couples issues, money, sex, health, religion/spirituality, loss, aging, and other topics.  Available from publisher or











The Life and Work of Carl Rogers.  (American Counseling Association, 2009; PCCS Books, 2007).  Also Chinese edition. The definitive biography of one of the world's leading humanistic psychologists and psychotherapists.  Meticulously researched work with in-depth exploration of Rogers' personal and professional life and the development of the client-centered, person-centered approach to counseling, psychotherapy, education and other helping professions.  720 pages, plus 40 photographs.    Available from publishers or











"Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach".  (Values Associates, 2003).  Also French edition.  60-minute video used in some 2,000 colleges, graduate schools and training programs around the world. Written, narrated and produced by Howard Kirschenbaum. An introduction to the life and work of Carl Rogers with explanations of the theory and method of the person-centered approach, audio and video examples of Rogers' counseling clients and working with groups, plus over 100 photographs. "Wonderful, inspiring presentation" Steve Olweean, President, Association for Humanistic Psychology.


Available for streaming from or as boxed DVD by sending check for $125 to Values Associates, 10 Franklin Street, Rochester, NY 14604. Institutional purchase orders accepted.











The Carl Rogers Reader. With Valerie Henderson, co-editor. (Houghton Mifflin, 1989).  Also French, German, Japanese,  Czech, UK, Chinese, Slovak editions .  33 major articles and book chapters spanning Rogers' career from 1942-87.  Divided into sections titled: Speaking Personally, The Therapeutic Relationship, The Person in Process, Theory and Research, A Human Science, Education, The Helping Professions, A Philosophy of Persons, A More Human World.  Available from publisher or













Carl Rogers: Dialogues. With Valerie Henderson, co-editor. (Houghton Mifflin, 1989).  Also Japanese, Portuguese, UK, Chinese and Czech Editions.  Transcripts of Rogers' dialogues and correspondence with some of the leading theologians, psychotherapists and intellectuals of the 20th century, including Martin Buber, Paul Tillich,  Reinhold Niebuhr, B.F. Skinner, Gregory Bateson, Rollo May.    Available from publisher or











Values Clarification: A Handbook of Practical Strategies for Teachers and Students.  With Sidney Simon and Leland Howe. (Hart Publishing, 1972; reprinted by A&W, Dodd Mead, and Values Press, 1979).  Also Mexican, French Canadian, Dutch and Japanese editions.  The best-selling handbook (over 600,000 copies in print) that introduced or popularlized many of the helping profession's most useful activities for helping individuals and groups clarify their values, set goals, make decisions, develop self-knowledge, and actualize their values. Although the introduction is somewhat out of date, the 79 activities and almost 2,000 examples remain a gold mine of experiential activities for teachers, group leaders and helping professionals.  A limited number of copies are available from the author.












100 Ways to Enhance Values and Morality in Schools and Youth Settings. (Allyn & Bacon, 1995).   Also Korean edition. This work presents a comprehensive approach to values and character education.  After providing some basic theory on values education, the four major sections of the book contain 100 methods with numerous examples for how to foster value and moral development in young people through Inculcation, Modeling, Values Clarification and Valuing Skills. A limited number of copies are available from author. 













Advanced Values Clarification. (University Associates, 1977).  Mexican edition.  Aimed at group leaders using or teaching the values clarification approach, the four major sections of this book are devoted to: Theory and Research, Designing Values-Clarification Experiences, Building Values Clarification into the Curriculum, and the Past, Present and Future of Values Clarification. 













Readings in Values Clarification. With Sidney Simon, co-editor.  (Winston Press, 1973).  An Education Book Club Selection.  Under the following section headings, 40 chapters explore Values Clarification and Other Perspectives (including John Holt, Lawrence Kohlberg, Milton Rokeach, Carl Rogers, etc.). Values Clarification and School Subjects, Values in Religious Education, Values in the Family, Other Applications of Values Clarification, and an Annotated Bibliography on Values Clarification. A limited number of copies are available from author.










Values Clarification Through Subject Matter.  With Merill Harmin and Sidney Simon.  (Winston Press, 1973). A three-level conception of school subject matter (facts, concepts, values), with scores of examples of how to incorporate values-level teaching into all schools subjects from English, history, math and science to physical education, health, art, music, home economics, etc.












Developing Support Groups: A Manual for Facilitators and Participants.  With Barbara Glaser (University Associates, 1978).  A step-by-step guide for forming, sustaining, and evaluating professional support groups, that is, small groups of professionals or others with a common topical interest who gather regularly to explore professional, intellectual or topical subjects.  While not designed for book clubs, recovery or consciousness raising groups, many of the issues, suggestions, and activities are applicable. 












The College Guide for Experimenting High Schools. With James Bellanca.  (National Center for Grading and Learning Alternatives, 1973).  A report and analysis of the results of a national survey of 1900 colleges who rated their openness to accepting students from high schools that offered other information on applicants than traditional A-B-C-80-90-100 grades.  This report countered the myth that students from schools that did away with traditional grading would be at a disadvantage when they applied to college.












The Catalog for Humanizing Education. (National Humanistic Education Center, 1975).  The most comprehensive annotated bibliography then published of books, articles, and other resources for affective and humanistic education in all school subjects, the helping professions, and personal and group development settings. In notebook form. 













Values Clarification: A Practical, Action-Directed Workbook.  With Sidney Simon and Leland Howe, (Warner Books, 1995).  This book took 76 strategies from the authors' best-selling Values Clarification Handbook (1979, 1972; see above) and put them in a form to help  the individual reader "discover one's truest feelings, beliefs, and goals".














Skills for Living.  With Barbara Glaser.  (Quest International, 1978). A year-long, experiential, life-skills curriculum used with over one million high school students in the late 70s and 80s. Including units on Family, Friends, Careers, Money, Health, Drugs, School, Love and Sex, Self-Esteem and Philosophy. The curriculum included a personal work book for each student and a book of readings edited by then-popular, comedian/educator Bill Cosby.












 On Becoming Carl Rogers. (Delacorte/Delta Press, 1979).  The first English language biography of Rogers, written ten years before his death.  Supplanted in 2007 by the author's more comprehensive and definitive The Life and Work of Carl Rogers (see above).